The company

Background and story of the company

The success story of the company started in may 2004, when we had a single desk to work on. The foundation stone of our customer service center was layed at the time that one of our partners, who has been working with us eversince, started to search for someone whose main task would be the outbound calls.

Then the service got bigger, 8 seats filled out all the available space in the office. As a result of this success and to develop our activity in this area, the creation of our independent GmbH seemed to be the right solution.

The company Talk2 GmbH was founded on the 28 October 2004 with an effective business start on the 01.12.2004. Subsequently, we registered each year a continuous growth in terms of employees. Moreover, we tend to open to new fields of expertise.

The outbound core business was originally developed through our incoming calls. All through the years, it has continually grown and is now one of our main activities. Because of this, Talk2 can offer much more than a simple customer service.

Not only do we take phone calls, we actually take care of a whole service for your customers. Which means we can deal with e-mails, faxes and letters, while taking care of the customer service over the phone. It is possible to get the statistical analysis of the inbound call flow in realtime. We are also able to take care of the consultants and the outgoing calls if necessary. Even if you just need a relief for times of huge call traffic or for periods of absence, we offer the right solution.

So far, we have about fifty qualified employees who are specifically trained on various projects in around a dozen languages. In addition to German and English, you will find native speakers (who obviously also have a good knowledge of German) in the following languages:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Do you need support in another language? Tell us about it, we should be able to add the language of your choice to our portfolio quickly.

We are an efficient contact for your customers. Our commitment to you, besides reducing costs and boosting your market position, is to give you the opportunity to focus on your core skills while keeping an eye on your customer service. We will take care of this!

In order to cover all these tasks in a clear, individual, and fast way, we have developed our own software. This led to an expansion of our IT sector. The IT department supports the maintenance tasks, the development and the adaptation of our Telerep software. Here is the recipe of a good customer service management:

  • Improved customer acquisition qualitatively and quantitatively
  • Address management (import/export, interfaces)
  • Personnel administration (working hours, wages, holiday, performance)
  • Statistical evaluations
  • Available VoIP technology

Meanwhile, it is also possible for us to provide other call centers different versions of Telerep for a very low price. The program can be easily adapted to the needs of the center according to their expectations. This optimizes the efficiency and consequently the gain.

Outlook and goals

For the future, we obviously aim to keep this growth momentum and strengthen our business sectors.

On the one hand, this is made possible by a constant development and improvement in all areas. On the other hand, the takeover of new and international projects is just as important. If necessary, we are able to set up a branch and employ more people to achieve the expected growth. „Offer the best quality at the lowest prices and pay high salaries. » is one of our principles for a good management.